With the second UFO program (project GRUDGE), under Ed Ruppelt, a reorganization of the gathered evidence was ordered to better make sense out of the massive amount of information. Dr. Hynek says those are his notes written in margins.


The July 8, 1947 sighting at Muroc Field became incident number one, on the list.


Interestingly, the incident occurred at the exact moment National Security experts were attending a Top Secret meeting of the Intelligence Advisory Committee (IAC). It also took place when the famous Press conference was being held, by General Ramey, at Ft. Worth, explaining how the Roswell recovery was a balloon. If it was to be discovered that there had been discussions on the table, at this IAC meeting,  dealing with the Flying Discs, it would be interesting, to say the least. The sighting, at Muroc, referred to in the documents, occurred just after the witness, Lt. Joseph C. McHenry said, out loud, "Someone will have to show me one of those Disc(sic) before I will believe it."

The documents below were acquired from the old bluebookarchive.org site, when it was up and running. You can also find them via the National Archives and the Fold3 site. It just seems to be much better for you, the reader, to just see for yourself what the witness said to the investigator, directly. It is clearly explained, and seems to be abnormal. Remember, we are talking about 1947 here.

Incident #1 Muroc Army Airfield