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Vital Importance: the intro to my book

On 25 February 1942, some type of unknown air activity triggered an alert, in Los Angeles, which caused several anti-aircraft guns stationed in the area to fire thousands of rounds. The incident began at approximately 2:30 A.M and ended at around 7:30. The Navy investigated and found police officers who reported that they saw groups of, what were assumed to be, airplanes. There were either two different groups of planes or the same group was seen twice. They were said to have disappeared, heading south.

One of these airborne groups had reportedly been observed to be towing something. Either that or what appeared to be a giant bag or balloon was following the planes. The thought of planes, in darkness, towing a large anything seems outrageous. At some point the searchlights had some type of object, possibly this bag or balloon, caught in its beam. This object, perhaps a “barrage balloon” which had gotten loose, was reported by at least one witness to have been “torn to shreds” by the blasts. Though this is the case, no balloon or pieces of a balloon were ever located.

Naval Investigators didn't seem to find any credible evidence of enemy bomber activity and no bombs were dropped. Realistically speaking, without the Russian TU4 "Bull", which was copied from our B-29, no one could have arrived in our friendly skies before 1947. Even that would have been a stretch. Even by 1948 enemy bombers conducting raids on the United States would have been conducting one-way, suicide missions. Submarine launched bombers, perhaps the ones that had launched 25-inch shells at the Bankline Oil Refinery on that previous Monday? -not very likely.

It seems very improbable that enemy planes were flying over our skies on that morning. The object caught in the searchlight beams has been investigated by several individuals since then and no real answers are available to us. It is still an unknown. The War raged on and strange things seemed to continue. Investigations ensued and official groups for Intelligence gathering were created.

The Central Intelligence Group was created by the War Department General Staff (WDGS) immediately after the war. Its purpose was to assist them and the President by providing “timely Intelligence”. The WDGS had enjoyed the fruits of General Donavan’s Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during the war and now needed a similar agency to exist permanently.

Many historians assumed that the OSS had been abandoned after the war but that is not the case. According to files available from the CIA’s on-line library, a core of it continued and was blended into the new Central Intelligence Group as the Office of Special Operations (OSO). There had been too much time and energy invested in training and organization, especially in the clandestine services, to simply start over from scratch.

With the declaration that the President required better coordinated Intelligence, the CIG was pulled together in January,1946.

Sidney Sours was the first director, in part for his skills at managing and his abilities in drawing up potential legislation. Again, this is according to the CIA’s historical material. His job, therefore, as first Director, was to help create the legal documents needed to form an “official”, permanent agency. This occurred in September 1947. Admiral Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter was named the first Director Central Intelligence Agency (DCIA). General Hoyt Vandenburg, the second director, when it was still the CIG, went over to direct the new Air Force, when “Hilly” became DCIA.

During much of World War two, strange aerial objects were again sighted by many individuals from both the Allied and Axis powers. By 1947 the events seemed to ramp up, and many weird sightings began to pop up all over the United States. Then, reports of unknown enemy aircraft re-surfaced, in 1948, such as was reported in 1942.

This quote from then Director, Central Intelligence Agency, Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter’s diary demonstrates:

Top Secret

2 March 1948: Congressman Havener, x 372 Capitol, advised he had received an inquiry from a San Francisco newspaper concerning report they received in San Francisco to the effect that Russian planes have been flying at great altitude over Japan and Alaska with some new radar equipment which enables them to make maps of areas at high altitude (reported to be altitudes at which we have never been able to operate). Deputy Director stated there had been recurring reports of this but nothing to substantiate the reports. Stated that it was feasible to fly over waters not under jurisdiction and make photographic maps. Suggested that the Congressman might desire to contact the Air Force…

The Deputy Director of the CIA, at the time, Brig. General Edwin Kennedy Wright, had to have been in the loop about these reports. Interestingly, he had been General Vandenberg’s Deputy as well (Vandenberg was the second Director Central Intelligence).

Based on the evidence, it is more than mere coincidence that the second director had connections with the “air” forces. Things were going on in the air that needed investigating.

In 1960, Admiral Hillenkoetter testified before Congress that the objects, now referred to as UFOs, were very real and that the Air Force was playing the subject down “through official secrecy and ridicule.” During the time of each of these Directors (Sours, Vandenberg and Hillenkoetter) it was the Soviet Union which posed the most obvious threat to the West. In the 1947/1948 time frame the Soviets would have been the elephant in the room, as far as attempting to explain these unknown and mysterious aircraft sightings.

After all, who else could it have been?

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio) · 26 Feb 1942, Thu · Page 2

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